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Marketing and Communication Strategies Specific to the Healthcare Sector

DMK Agency offers you all the solutions you need with more than 15 years of experience in traditional and digital marketing in the health sector.

With the developing and changing technology, it is inevitable to change the methods in the marketing sector. Both hospitals and physicians continue to realize over time that they have to keep pace with this change.

The transition of the healthcare sector from traditional marketing to digital marketing has made significant progress in a very short time. Considering the fact that 77% of patient appointments are made online today, both patients and stakeholders of the sector are about to complete this integration, albeit not completely.

The health sector in Turkey now exists on an axis determined by professional advertising campaigns. In the increasingly competitive healthcare sector, brands’ marketing strategies and practices now have to deliver messages with the specific requirements of each healthcare branch.

We make our clients a part of this fierce competition by mastering the dynamics required by the sector.


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